OH3 Groups/Items UI displaying order

Hello community.

If I understand correctly, Groups and Items (in corresponding groups) in UI are displayed automatically in alphabetical order. What should I do to change default order ? For instance, I want group “Lights” to be first in particular room, then group “Climate” (not alphabetical order) etc.

You might have to give us a clue which of the half-dozen UIs you are using.

new OH3 UI with equipment/properties…

You can add a 'Default Widget Order Index’s in the items meta data if that’s what you are looking for.

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Thank you for your help. It is exactly what I am looking for.

The 'Default Widget Order Index’ doesn’t reflect in ordering non semantic groups used in sitemaps. Is this correct or am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to order groups in sitemaps?

Nope, never has been. If you want any control over displaying sitemap member elements - not just order, but widget type, colours, etc., then use { } feature.

I realised that there came an alphabetical ordering mechanismen for groups in sitemaps with OH3.x that wasn’t there with OH2.x. So I hopefully placed my question about advanced ordering as i saw this “ordering widget”.
Of course it works the way you describe. Everythings fine.

Thank you very very much for your explanation!

Sorting on sitemap don’t correspond with sorting in Model using “Default widget order index”.
Partially solution in openhab 3 doesn’t sort as in OH2 item order in .items file
OH3 => configuration => sitemap => sort in groups

  • no sort
  • by label
  • by name

On OH2 group items are sorted in sitemap according item position in the .items file.

Kind of a dated forum entry but I think you might have wanted to quote GunMaster?
My response was on the initial issue shared in this post (which was UI sorting, not sitemap).

Thanks. My question is about sorting group items in sitemap. Should I open new topic ?

Sorry, did not get that your post was actually a question.
Maybe refer to rosskos post above which was about sitemap control.
There might have been though some changes to sitemaps (? Not sure about it as I am not using sitemaps) since this post here was closed as ‘solved’, hence maybe easier to open a new topic.

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