OH3 GUI: can add item, add channel... then what?

OH3 openhabian

All steps via the UI.

I added the OpenWeatherMap binding (works)

I added one thing: Local Weather and Forecast (One Call API) (which is online)

Then added an item: Current UV Index [%d] (by clicking on the blue plus icon)

First, I copied the example from the docs to add an item

Number:Dimensionless owm_CurrentUvindex "Current UV Index [%d]"  { channel="openweathermap:onecall:api:local:current#uvindex" }

which resulted in: An error occurred while creating the links and metadata: Bad Request.

The items though was created.
I deleted the item based on the error message.

Second, I added the item manually, via the add item button.

I then clicked on the newly created item, and hit ‘add link’.

In both cases I can add a link a channel to the thing.


The next line says channel, but nothing shows.
How do I save this association?

[edit1: updated post with more detail]

How long ago?
The api only returns values at a set period of time.

The error is of concern. Describe more about how you added the Item. Through the UI? Independently or did you click through from the Channel to create the Link and then from the Link to create the Item?

Walk us through the steps you are taking in more detail. Unfortunately there are lots of ways to do this and it’s not at all clear which one you are using.

There where only minutes in between adding the binding, once this turned ‘online’ I added the item… which adter 10 hours still shows null (because I cannot add the channel).

All steps via UI.
I have updated my O.P.
[This is a new install, which I updated via sudo openhabian-config yesterday; reporting v3.3).

I added the binding, added the thing, created the item, and wanted to add the channel to the item. The latter did not work.

I have rebooted since, same result.

Why don’t you try to start from the Channel in order to link (that is the term used for “adding” a channel to an item).
Select the thing, on the the thing select the channel to be linked, click to green “+” sign ( “Add Link to Item…”), don’t change the selected “Use an existing item” and expand the item list in order to select your altready created item. At last click to blue “Link” button.

Because I haven’t got a clue… (no kidding; I wonder at times how many v1/2 users are out there who never made the switch to the ‘thing’ area and struggle with it all)
It did not occur to me… I did’t see the Channels tab. Was quite surprised what’s all in there.

I have now linked it… but didn’t see the green plus, until I used the ‘right arrow’ :slight_smile:

Thanks. (Though it still feels all alien to me.)

Sorry for the missing detail!

Don’t be; I am making a mickey out of myself… :slight_smile:

Meaning, if one is not used to this even simple steps are seemingly difficult.