OH3 - Hide item name in list item widget

I’m new to OH (in the middle of migrating from OH2). I can tell that Pages stuff in OH3 is just fantastic !
I do have one concern, as I wanted to do “Home Page” page easy for non techie users and wanted simply to hide Item name (List Item Widget) that’s displayed underneath the item label.

I played around with widgets and failed to find any reasonable solution. Any ideas ?

This is something you would have to do on an item by item basis. There’s no way to change the built-in list widgets for items, but you can make your own list widget and set it as a new default widget that will then get used in all those auto-generated pages. The only downside is that there is no way to bulk apply your custom widget as the new default for an item type, you have to go to each item and set the new default manually.

Here’s a pretty comprehensive look at creating and using your own default widgets.