OH3 + Homekit + KNX Dimmer

Hello Guys

i added metadata to a dimmer item. If i use Lighting everything works. If i use Lighting.Brightness its not shown in Home app.

If i use both, its shown and i can set Brightness level.
But if i use the switch (not the brightness level), i can only turn on the light but never turn off (Home app shows off, Openhab shows off, Light remains on Brightness Level).

I can only turn off in home app by set Brightness to 0

any idea? OH3 GUI

Hi Daniel,

i have the same setup - OH3+KNX+HomeKit

this how my dimmer looks like. it works well, i can switch on/off and also change brightness

Thats what i tried, too.

It also works when i use the dimming level “switch” (long press on button)

but if i use voice commands or just a click on button, it wont switch off (the switch is switching off but the light remains on)

finally i could check it at home.
i have tried with 2 lamps, both connected to KNX MDT AKD dimmer and tag with homekit metadata as shown in my previous post.

i could switch both lamps on&off with click on button in home app (without long press) or using siri.

can you share you homekit metadata? how your item look like?

thanks. I can try this weekend. The Homekit-Metadata is the same (i tried switch only, that works; i tried all 3 like you and that doesnt work for switching off except when using dimmer slider).

I am using MDT LED Dimmer, so maybe the dimmer, the dimmer configuration or the definition of thing and/or items is not ok in some way.

here is my KNX dimmer config in ETS

and the thing in openhab

Thank you very much. I finally found some minutes to check and the problem was that i used correct GAs for Dimmer (Position) but not for Switch. I used the time-based dimming feature of the MDT and apparently if switching on with that GA, it does switch on… but the switching off command dont switch off the light, only the time-based dimming (apparently)

Actually OpenHab did work, so i assume they use also position instead of switch if available.

Another issue that i see: I have the switch and the dimmer slider in Openhab (Classic UI) and what i see when switching with Homekit: Switch on via Homekit = Switch and Slider in openhab move (Switch on, Slider 100%), but if i switch off via Homekit, only the Switch in openhab moves (to off), but slider stays at 100%

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regarding you second issue. it could be that it is not an issue but feature.
at least the way how apple has design the homekit protocol:

  • if you press “ON” in home app, it sends the “ON” and the brightness
  • if you press “OFF” in home app, the home app sends “OFF” but no brightness information.

it actually good this way as you can keep your last brightness setting and restore it on “ON”

seems also to be some other issue like from the UI. In fact the value will be 0% at the end - probably from the MDT Dimmer itself (as it sets the status to 0% because if turned off, the value is 0%) :slight_smile: