OH3 - How do i set Tags to items?

Hi all, im slowly testing migrating to OH3 from OH2. Im not doing an inplace upgrade, but rather a new instance and starting fresh.

I use Imperihome on wall mounted android devices to provide a quick and simple interface. Its worked well for a long time, and until i can spend more time building up a nice MainUI dashboard for them, i want to continue to use Imperihome… but how do i add the Tags in OH3 to each item???

Tags are defined here:

And as an example in OH2 items files they look like:

Id assume to add it somewhere here:

but im not sure how…

Anyone able to provide clues how to set these ISS tags???

Close. Metadata are not tags though. You need to click on “Edit” in the upper right corner of the Item’s page. There is a spot there to enter tags.

Type in the tag and hit enter and it will appear on the line above where you typed it in.

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@rlkoshak Bloody Legend!

And hey presto - shows up in Imperihome!

I’ve updated the doco - awaiting approval.