OH3: How to add HomeKit thing?

In OpenHAB3 I have

  1. Installed HomeKit (Settings -> Misc-> + -> HomeKit Integration
  2. Rebooted
  3. Confirm Settings -> Misc shows HomeKit integration is installed
  4. Checked HK settings: Settings -> Other Services -> HomeKit Integration
    (Changed nothing … did not need to)

But I have no idea how to ‘add’ a new HomeKit thing (in my case - a HK compatible Garage Door opener (https://ismartgate.com/) … that is on the LAN and working via its app).

OH HomeKit integration can expose any openhab items as HomeKit device but it does not support integration of HomeKit devices with OpenHAB, i.e. it is only the direction OpenHAB -> HomeKit but not the direction HomeKit -> OpenHAB

in your case you would need to add Garage Opener using another protocol, e.g. Smartthings and then you could make it visible as homekit device attached to openHAB. sounds a little strange but this is what is currently possible.

alternatively you can add garage opener directly to home app (without openhab), add further openhab items to home app (if needed) and use home app for automation rules.


I went to Plan B

  • Shelly-1 with Tasmota
  • MQTT
  • Working well

Thanks for your help

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