OH3 How to go from floorplan marker directly to a Location Card

I have a floorplan configured and can add markers. But I wan the marker for a room to go directly to the Location card for that room. (e.g x.x.x#!/#card=lPlayroom)
I have gone through the actions on the marker but cannot find how I can go straight to the card. (the Group Details is close… but would like to go direction to the Location card.)

Is there a command I could use to do this or another method?

From my understanding. The location cards are seperate and only accessible from the locations tab on the main overview page.

You would need to write your own widget

There might be something you can do by setting the default stand alone widget or default card widget on the Location Group Item. But for the most part, the automatically generated UIs don’t have a lot of ability to add advanced features like that to them. You’ll probably just have to list the Page on the sidebar so it’s available.