OH3 How to model "Color" Lights?


I have a “equipment” (Color light) with three points (Level, RGB, WHITE - ColorTemp).
So How to model this so main ui creates useful controls ?

Thank you.


Add a point and choose type: color


but I have three point which I have to set…not one…

So on which I have to set to type color (I think RGB?) and what to do with the other points ?

from my understanding (but I might be wrong) the color picker requires one single item whose state represent all three color channels, like 6-digit hex values.
if you want to split it up to three separate items you probably have to write a rule or use three separate dimmers

As I understand it, there is no right or wrong when it comes to simantic Class and Property.

For example I have a item “YeelightCrystalPendantLamp_AmbientColor” connedted to a color channel of that Thing

The type is of course Color
And for Simantic Class I use Point
And for Simantic Property I use Light

But for Simantic Property I can just as well fill in water, with the result that my color item in the Semantic model falls under the property water

I don’t want to say that I fully understand it yet.

For example, I do not yet understand the pros and cons of using a “Simantic Class” other than “Point”