OH3 Http Binding change refresh interval based on time of day

Hi everyone,
I am currently running OH3 and using the HTTP binding to pull the wattage off of my Envoy solar system.
Is there a way i can have the refresh rate updated based on a rule?

Ideally I would like to update the frequency from 60 seconds during the day to 3600 at night. I could use my sunrise/sunset triggers from the Astro binding.


Currently there is no way to change thing configuration directly. You can trigger a rule from the Astro binding and use the REST API to change the thing config. But please don‘t ask me, how to do that, it‘s just an idea, not something I have used.

Thank you for the idea. Let me do some digging and find out!

You could use a rule with the sendHttpXRequest actions and Design Pattern: Looping Timers as another approach.

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