OH3: http Binding had some changes, some questions

I’m running openhabian OH3 on a Raspi 4, I set it up completeley fresh and copy and pasted all my things, items and rules.

I had some sort of trash calendar with 2 Items:

String abfall_ical_heute “Abfall Heute [JS(abfall_map.js):%s]” { http="
<[http://localhost:8080/static/Abfuhrtermine_Stand_20201214.ICS:36000:JS(abfall_heute.js)]" }
String abfall_ical_morgen “Abfall Morgen [JS(abfall_map.js):%s]” { http="
<[http://localhost:8080/static/Abfuhrtermine_Stand_20201214.ICS:36000:JS(abfall_morgen.js)]" }

The script returned something like “Restmuell” and worked great,

Now in OH3 I read the http Binding has to be configured a little different, so I changed the 2 Items to a thing:

Thing http:url:abfall “Abfalltermine” [
baseURL=“http://localhost:8080/static/Abfuhrtermine_Stand_20201214.ICS”, refresh=3600] {
Type string : heute “Abfall Heute” [ stateTransformation=“JS:abfall_heute.js” ]
Type string : morgen “Abfall Morgen” [ stateTransformation=“JS:abfall_morgen.js” ]
and the Items to:
String abfall_ical_heute “Abfall Heute [%s]” {channel=“http:url:abfall:heute”
[profile=“transform:JS”, function=“abfall_map.js”]}
String abfall_ical_morgen “Abfall Morgen [%s]” {channel=“http:url:abfall:morgen”
[profile=“transform:JS”, function=“abfall_map.js”]}

This works but I don’t know if that is really the easiest way and my main problem is, it’s not updated after a restart. It takes the set 3600 seconds (1h) until the Items are updated. How can I get them to update directly after the restart?

I don’t think you can get what you want from the binding unless you do update more often.
I’d use persistence on that. Install mapDB and use the restoreOnStartUp strategy on those items.

The http Binding version on 2.5 did a initial http request if I’m not mistaken!?

Please enter an issue on GitHub.