OH3 - iCalendar Binding with Google Calendar

Hey all,

in OH2.5 I used caldav in combination with a google calender which worked very fine.
Now as I have updated to OH3 caldav isnt available anymore and I have to use iCalender.
I found several tutorials on how to set it up with Nextcloud, iCloud and different other calender but nothing for Google.

I have the problem that my calender things are marked as offline all the time and in my items I dont get the infos of the appointments in the calender.

I tried several configurations and different links to the ical file out of the google calender settings. I even tried using a public link which allows me to download the ical file when entering the url into a browser. But even with that the thing stays offline.

I attach my config for public and for private link. For normal I delete the critical parts of links when I post them online. To ensure you have all informations I just changed some content of the API code instead of deleting that part … so that link won’t work :wink:

And for username I also changed by in relation to my example my mailaddres would be max.mustermann@gmail.com

Config for public:

Config for private:

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

just yesterday I did the iCalendar setup with Google Calendar:

The value from:

I’ve provided here:

And credentials (email + password) of course :slight_smile: )

And… everything works perfect!

Thats strange because it looks like I have done nothing really wrong.
I tried to exactly copy your settings now so for example adding @gmail.com to the username.
But Calender still stays offline all the time.
And I also checked the private link again and I can download ics file with it.

My settings

And browser give me access to this file using the link


Hmm, the only one difference I see that you use group calendar, but shouldn’t be a case here.

Maybe stupid proposal (but in IT world, often helpful) - sometimes when my thing keeps offline, I just click to switch it Off and after a few seconds On again. And was immediately online :rofl:

On all google calenders I have the settings page only offers me group links.
I have 3 calenders:

  1. My private - Dont needed in OH and only calender which is not a group calender but even with that link the thing stays offline
  2. Calender with my wife - Thats the one we are talking about here and its used for different scenarios in our smarthome. This is in fact a calender which is accesable by her and me
  3. Garbage calender - Will be used in openhap too but only accesable for me

I also tried disabling and reactivating the link but still stays offline :frowning:

No more ideas from my side :frowning:

Maybe worth to switch logging for iCalendar binding to DEBUG level and check what is visible in logs.

try to set a longer interval. Google is known to limit requests here.

thanks for the suggestion
change it to 300 (10 minutes ago) but at the moment it still says offline
wouldnt even need a short interval if calender gets checked one or two times a days that would be enough.

but looks like that wasnt the problem :frowning:

Have you checked logs?

unfortunately thats another error im facing at the moment
since i updated to oh3 logging completly stoppt.
my last logs are from the day i updated :frowning:

Are you be able to login to Karaf console?
What log:list says?

unfortunately that didn’t helped :frowning:

In my opinion you are using wrong adress - try whats under “Privatadresse im iCal-Format”. I also set secret token but I think I dont need it. I also had to reboot OH3 once.

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Maybe the access to the calendar is also not possible using classic basic auth using your default google login data. At least using gmail via IMAP requires either Oauth2 (which is not implemented in iCalendar) or an “app-specific password”.

Please also try the public URL.

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@tailor09 @damihe
I’m now using the public link and today had to restart the Pi which is running OH… and… now the binding is online.

Very long way till I came here.

Thanks a lot guys!