OH3 installation... Service fails to start - cannot create Java Virtual Machine

@rlkoshak mh already stuck. When I read (images/JAVA_HOME.png) and I cannot find a matching image in the images folder and I want to add an updated one, what should I do? Drop an image with that name in the images folder?

OK, each major section of the docs has it’s own subfolder. In this case you are working out of the “installation” folder. That’s where the windows.md file lives. In that folder there is an images folder and in that folder (i.e. installation/images) I see a JAVA_HOME.png file. That’s the file you want to replace with your new screenshot.

Links to stuff like Images and links to other pages in the docs get converted from these relative paths to an absolute URL path when the MD files are compiled into HTML.

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just to understand - that openhab-docs is common to OH2 and 3? So if I have to change a image because it mentions OH2 instead of 3, can I safely delete the old one or should I save with a new name and update the references accordingly?
pls advise

OH 2 docs are fixed at this point. A new static version of the docs get fixed at the point where a release is made. That’s what lets you choose the version of the docs that correspond with a specific version (upper right hand corner of each page).

So right now, if you are working on the “main” branch you are editing the docs for OH 3. I’d be surprised at this point if many if any updates to the docs get made for the OH 2 versions.

You can safely replace the image with OH 3 specific stuff. It would be best to replace actually.

okay I think I have made some change which make sense to me.
ref https://github.com/edolis/openhab-docs/blob/patch-2/installation/windows.md
Would you kindly review them?
I am actually stuck as I cannot understand how to sign. When you’ve got some time pls have a look.
thanks for your patience, @rlkoshak

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sign-off is done by adding -s to the commit command.

Please see my comment on your PR… :wink:

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replied :slight_smile:

opened a pull request and changed branch . https://github.com/openhab/openhab-docs/pull/1327
Unfortunately I get a couple of commits which show unsigned and I’m stuck. I’d like to delete thm and retry to make them fresh but I don’t know how.

changed the pull request to fix signatures issues (above link updated).
Jeez, it took one day to get this running. making an edit to a doc in github would deserve a tutorial on its own.
Really hope that’s useful and that I can really get some sweet juice out of openHAB

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