OH3 Item options - autoupdate

I need help with setting autoupdate option for Item on OH3.
Everywhere in internet there is example like .items file {autoupdate=“false”}…
Where to add autoupdate flag on OH3 ?? Semantic Classification, non-semantic, metadata ??

It’s metadata

Time to rest. How can I miss that menu :wink: Big Thanks.

Out of interest, how many options do you get with this setting?
Autoupdate behaves differently in each of the three cases true, false, blank/default. Like forced , never , usually.

Well, you see me clicking a few times. I think without clicking it has the ‘-’ symbol, which I presume is default. Then clicking gives you true and false, but it doesn’t look like you can go back to default unless you modify the YAML or delete that Metadata (which you can do via the UI or YAML).

If you could confirm that, I’d better raise an enhancement request for the UI so that Item autoupdate default behaviour can be (re)selected.
(I don’t have a functional OH3 to play)

You can get the default behavior by clicking “remove metadata”

I don’t think anything more needs to be added than that. Clearly, removing the metadata will return the setting to it’s default.

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Okeydoke, as I understand it “autoupdate Force” unticked should be equivalent to autoupdate=false.
And in turn, no autoupdate metadata at all should be the distinct third “blank” default condition we always had.
Will add comment to autoupdate primer.

Thankyou gents :smiley: