[OH3] Item text file definition for widgets (especially with "open popup" action)

Hi together,

I used the current lockdown to set up a completly new OH3 Instanz for my environment, coming from OH2.X.

First of all - an amazing step!!! Thx for all contributors effort!!

I had almost all things, items, rules … in textfiles and it seems, that this is the best way to keep a simple backup-strategy of my > 550 Items and a bunch of rules.

So I researched a lot and somewhere I found the information, that also widgets can be defined in *.items files.




    , widgetOrder="20"

    , listWidget="oh-list-item" [badgeColor="=(items.centralSocketLeaveHome.state === 'ON') ? 'green' : 'blue'", actionCommand="ON", badge="Ausser Haus", actionItem="centralSocketLeaveHome", icon="oh:wallswitch", action="command", actionFeedback="Ausser Haus gesendet", title="Ausser Haus", subtitle="=(items.centralSocketLeaveHome.state === 'ON') ? 'Aktiv' : '--'"] 

    , widget="oh-label-card" [actionCommand="ON", actionItem="centralSocketLeaveHome", icon="oh:wallswitch", action="command", label="Strom aus", title="Ausser Haus", fontWeight="bold"]


Now I’m looking for the definition for the “open popup” action with the “Modal component configuration” (actionModalConfig) settings for the items textfile.

Can someone tell me what the definition looks like? The question itself is how a YAML subgroup is represented in items definition?

value: oh-list-item
  badgeColor: "=(items.centralSocketLeaveHome.state === 'ON') ? 'green' : 'blue'"
  badge: Ausser Haus
  subtitle: "=(items.centralSocketLeaveHome.state === 'ON') ? 'Aktiv' : '--'"
  icon: oh:wallswitch
  actionModal: widget:keypad
  action: popup
    item: valueInputSocketLeaveHomePIN
    mask: "*"
    closePopup: true
  title: Ausser Haus

Thank you!

OK, there is a validated answer from Yannick to this topic in another thread:

It seems, that this is not possible in *.items files at the moment :frowning: