OH3: items are not created automatically

I started messing with OH3 and noticed that I needed to enable item item
How can they be enabled automatically?

If you are referring to automatically creating Items from channels, that is not possible with OH3. For most people the majority of channels are not monitored or controlled anyway, hence the separation.

It’s terribly annoying, I have over 100 items that will take me a lot of time to add them

It was even more annoying to have Items automatically created with unintuitive names that could not be edited. Over 90% of people here did not use Simple Mode for that reason.

Use the Model and Create Equipment from Thing. You can create hundreds of Items with meaningful names and have them organized as part of the model in no time at all. I created around 200 Items in about 30 minutes. Simple Mode in PaperUI was horrible and almost every user ended up needing to do a lot of work to clean up all the crap Item names it created.


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