OH3 Items outside of model (example Astro Binding)


I installed the astro bindung for controlling some lightbulbs. But now I am not sure, should I use the model for the things/items or not. Same I think about Weather binding.
What is the good practice here. Generate a group in the model like, “Some Stuff” and do all things in it or generate the items manually outside the model over create channel ?

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For such thing/items/services i created the location “Zone” in my system.

This coveres:

  • Internet for Webservices like openWeathermap
  • Mobile Devices (Smartphones, …)
  • Plantcare for Miflora Plant Sensors (Plants are moved around the house so they have no real place)
  • openHAB for openHAB related things like Astro Binding, or HABApp RTT

Thanks for the answer. Now I have a “Zone” too. :smiley:

I placed mine “Outdoors” :smiley:

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The model is there for your benefit and use. There is no “best” way really, just what makes the most sense to you. I too put my weather stuff in Outdoors but don’t put the Astro Items into the model at all. I could see other approaches like creating an equipment to hold the weather and Astro and similar type Items. Whatever works for how you want think about these values in relation to your model.


Me too! I have an Equipment located Outdoors which contains the current weather forecast, as if I had an actual weather station in my garden.

Might put the Astro Sun in ‘Sky’…