OH3: Jython - how do i start?

Dear community,

i have now successfully switched from OH 2.5 to OH 3 and would now like to replace my scripts with Jython.

I noticed that there are hardly any forum entries or tutorials for programming rules in Jython. Of course i searched the forum and read the OH3 documents, but where can i get more information about it? How can i imagine the Jython implementation? Can i follow the official Jython tutorials or is Jython something different for OH3? Are there any sites that you can recommend to Jython-newbies?

Thanks in advance!

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You’ll probably want to start here:

Dont do it try HABApp with python 3


What for ? is it better to start jython? before going to the UI?
thank you because I am in the same situation, I would like to switch to jython but it is very difficult to find clear documentation on the subject and practical case (script, setup, exc …) compared to DSL. How to start…exc …

Actually I really want to start using python and javascript in OH 3 but I don’t see where to start, most of the posts concern a setup already present and solid knowledge, I didn’t find a post showing a simple "ON “” OFF "for example
Thanks for your help

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