OH3: Kamera Image

Hello togehter

In oh2 I had set up the image of my camera in the habpanel via an image and a refresh. Now I have installed OH3 and want to use the new pages (layout). Unfortunately I can’t get it to do a refresh with the image card.

My camera has such a path “http://CamIP/snap.jpeg”. I have already tried to write refresh in the path, but without success. Has anyone already implemented a kamera in oh3 and can give me a tip?

Unless I’m completely mistaken, I’m almost positive there is a PR on github to add a refresh interval to image widget in OH3
Might even be merged by now
yep… here

merged into 3.1 what are you running?

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I’am running 3.0. I will install 3.1 in my Docker Container and try it after that. Tanks for the tipp.

Hey Andrew
It works. After the update there is the interval option.
Now i just have to get the layout right

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