OH3 - killing my system occasionally - LOGfile exploding to 100% root

sorry, but “bad style, disappointing and demotivating” is a little overreaction in a situation where someone asking for a solution to a known problem related to OH3. The only thing i did not take into consideration that maybe (but this is not confirmed at all) other processes take resources and finally bring down OH3.

Thanks especially to @rlkoshak to bring in a differentiated view and always being a helping hand!!!
As there seems to be no further helpful discussion, lets please close this topic.
Will soon switch to Openhabian.

Many users have the same problem with big log files in very short time due to Java problem, since Openhab 2.5 (im Openhabian user with the same problem).

The best solution for me is:

  • set /var/log as separate partition (1GB)
  • make simple script for syslog control, every minute via crontab → restartopenhab and delete whole log file

In my case, the problem is maybe once/twice per month.
You can find more info (script template) here [Syslog Errors (100 GB) - #14 by manswisshttps://community.openhab.org/t/syslog-errors-100-gb/116768/14](Syslog Errors (100 GB) - #14 by manswiss)

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OK thanks a lot for the comment @poki123
That makes it look different and a switch to Openhabian would make someone happy but seems to be not the solution. Switching JAVA was mentioned in the other thread, so will give it a try.

I’m using influxdb, that brought in recently some known problems with latest updates, rolled back and its gone. but it was a complete different kind of issue.

I understand it’s annoying when you encounter that but clearly that does not mean that “many” people have it - there have been less than maybe 10 in several years that I am aware of - and that includes those that caused it themselves.
Let alone that it is a general problem. So please no wrong generalizations this is misleading at best.

All Linux versions including openHABian are an Operating System, i.e. a complex system with many many parameters logging and disk usage depends on. In situations with resource shortage or outage many demons (part of the OS) and apps (you installed) will throw error logs, coredumps and other garbage hence fill disks. There obviously cannot be guarantees whatsoever all of this is properly being caught in all situations including exceptional ones.
Any professional knows and it’ll always be the operator’s job (i.e. yourself) to take care of it.

If you properly install openHABian from the beginning (image) with current openHABian and current openHAB and do not mess with the system thereafter such as to change logging config or anything in the OS or to put additional stuff on the system that creates extra logging, you shouldn’t be having this problem (with possible exceptions to apply as per above statement).
People who have this problem on openHABian modified their system in one way or another or use outdated openHABian and/or openHAB software versions and/or config (sic).

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