OH3 KNX autoRefresh not working

Hi there,

i’m trying to read some values from my Zennio KES Plus while there where not updated/polled automatically.

I already configured the channel like this:
and this:
restarted openhab and set the loglevel to Debug but not even an error occurred.

Any ideas, tips or debug approches?

Reading with ETS is no problem.

greetings sputnick

You mixed up configuration style of knx1 and knx2. In openHAB3 you can only use knx2, that is, you have to create a knx thing for the channels which should be read frequently (at least a generic thing for all these channels)
Then set readInterval for this Thing to 180 (that is: create a read request for each GA which is marked as readable for this Thing every 180 Seconds).

Ok perfect got it working thank you . But there is one question left.
I changed the four channels to {dpt}:<{ga} and changed the thing config “Interval between attempts to read the status group addresses on the bus” to 180 but nothing happend.
But when i change one(!) of the four Channels to {dpt}:<{ga}+<{ga} all four now get read periodically. The remaining three where left at {dpt}:<{ga}. Is this the expexcted behaviour?


In fact, it should work even with only one GA set to be readable, so how did you configure the thing? Did you configure via Main UI or did you use a *.things file?

created and configured with Main UI

Thing has knx address
fetch is off
device status poll intervall is 600
read status group address is 180

Well, as it does work… Don’t think too much about it…