OH3 - KNX binding

Hi there,
since some weeks (roughly at the time of my 2.5.9 upgrade) I see an increased amount of WARNs in the log…

2020-10-29 09:17:25.442 [WARN ] [p.KNXnet/IP Tunneling X.X.X.X:3671] - response timeout waiting for confirmation
tuwien.auto.calimero.KNXTimeoutException: no confirmation reply received for Y.Y.Y->Z.Z.Z

It happens from time to time that the bridge-thing becomes offline and “restarts” after 60sec (according to the setting on the bridge-thing).

I wasn’t able to track down the root cause yet, because there weren’t any changes done (and I think also no updates to the KNX2-binding).

Anyhow, as I’ve set-up OH3-snapshot on a VM, I thought I’ll give the KNX3 binding a try. The bridge-things is “online”, but as soon as I add a device (an actuator), I see immediately the same WARNs within OH3s’ logs.

The settings for the KNX device are the same for my OH2.5.10 and OH3-snap envs;

  • address
  • fetch = off
  • interval (poll) = 600
  • interval (read) = 0

The physical gateway (JUNG IPS 200 REG) is defined as TUNNEL, of course /w different local addresses for both envs (it supports 4 simult.).

  • NAT = off
  • reading pause = 50
  • response timeout = 10
  • read retries limit = 3
  • auto reconnect period = 60

Is there anything you could recommend? Many thanks!