OH3 + KNX: Can't send DPT 9.024 double values

I have an issue for sending my energy values to the knx. Perhaps someone can help me.

I have the following configuration:

Thing device dev1 "device 1" [...] {
  Type number-control  : Energy   "Total Energy"        [ ga="9.024:1/1/1" ]


Number MyTotalEnergy   "Total Energy [%.2f W]"  <energy>     { channel="knx:device:bridge:dev1:Energy" }

For transmit energy (Watt) values from OH3 to KNX, I have created a knx.rule:


The +4000W ist transmitted and I see it in the KNX ETS Monitor. On send negative values, I get the error

2021-12-30 17:30:03.028 [WARN ] [.internal.handler.DeviceThingHandler] - An error occurred on channel knx:device:bridge:dev1:Energy 9.001 Temperature: translation error, value out of range [-273..+670760]: -4000.0

After that, I changed the knx.items to

Number:Energy MyTotalEnergy   "Total Energy [%.2f W]"  <energy>     { channel="knx:device:bridge:dev1:Energy" }

Now I don’t get this error message any more, but I don’t see any messages on the ETS Monitor (even the +4000 W I don’t see any more)

Where can/should I change the DPT type from 9.001 to 9.024?

UoM Support is broken in openHABs KNX binding. There are also quite a lot DPT which are not properly handled.

Thank you!

Is there a bug report/anyone working on it?
I assume, there is no work-around?

There are plenty of bug reports on github regarding the KNX binding:

I think of donating money for the fixes like mentioned here:

It looks like many are using the KNX binding so maybe we can find a developer for maintaining the KNX binding.