OH3 linear garage door opener

Hello and thanks for any help in advance!

Rpi3b+, openHAB3.0 stable.

I have a linear garage door opener, and I cannot yet figure out how to make it work. Also, how to do secure inclusion?

I know that @5iver helped me in oh2 with this issue…are you able to again?


Is this a Z-Wave device? Just a guess since you do not state.

Yes sir, sorry. I actually have it working, just cannot get any state transformations since I have no clue how to do this in oh3

How to do secure Z-Wave inclusion depends on your device. The device must be freshly factory reset before secure inclusion.
In OH3 go to Settings->Thing->Z-Wave Binging-> Search. Quickly put your device into secure inclusion mode, The inclusion must complete with 15 seconds according to the specification.