[OH3] Looking for REST-API

Hi there,

I’ve just installed OH3 and tried to follow directions on how to setup REST-API. From the docs:

The REST API documentation is available on your openHAB installation as a custom user interface.

You can add it by opening the PaperUI interace, clicking “Add-ons”, selecting “USER INTERFACES”. You will see an addon called “REST Documentation” that can be easily installed.

Well it is not available there. Maybe I’ve overlooked anything, that’s said it has been changed with OH3? Sorry if so and wasting your time.

Developer Tools.

Haven’t seen the trees for the forest :wink:


(But hang on, I’ll be back…with another topic :wink:

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I am surprised you found the Paper UI in OH3. :rofl: I cannot find it on mine!

(HINT: It is not in OH3)

Very easy: I put a postit on top of the screen where it says “Developer Tools” :rofl:

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I keep forgetting about the "Select in the top right corner of many windows.

Under developer tools I have “API Explorer” which lists all of the services, but doesn’t have much for documentation. Is this all that there is? The website says “The openHAB REST API is excellently documented with detailled use instructions.” which makes me believe there is some more detailed information somewhere. Don’t crush my dreams. Tell me that it’s out there somewhere! lol

haha :slight_smile:
I wonder what other information you expect on the REST API swagger ui?
Compared to other REST APIs out there (at least those I know) that is as much as everywhere.
If you tell us what info you are looking for, maybe we can point a finger to somewhere.

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