OH3 Main UI not loading Things


I updated from OH2 to OH3 and it’s basically running but I got a problem with the new Main UI. Things do not load when clicking on “Things” in the menu. It seems to be loading forever. Tested with several Browsers on Mobile and PC. Any hints what might be wrong? I could not find any bugreport until now.

Anyone else with that problem or a hint what might be wrong?

Addition: Seems to be the same for SOME Rules, but not all.

Thanks and kind regards,

Please show us your logs, otherwise it is nearly impossible to say what’s going wrong.

There is nothing specific to see in the server logs, the Browser Console shows the following error:

Anything else needed?

Just found this one: Things in the Things view not getting loaded · Issue #762 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub

Maybe it is related to that, will have to check.

It seems to be merged, where can I see if it is in already included in 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT?

Can confirm that things in the GUI are working if the things are all labled, so it’s the same thing as in in issue 746 linked above.