OH3 MainUI LCARS Interface

Anyone working on implementing LCARS based components for MainUI?

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Not specific to OH3 I have worked out something to implement LCARS using HABPanel. The solution requires a CSS file, directory of SVG files, and a few widgets. The implementation is rudimentary and mimics TNG variant of LCARS. It also breaks the pinning on the drawer of the UI, Change width of HABPanel Drawer. I have never done anything to put this somewhere is can be easily shared, but if you wanted to collaborate I could wrap up a file with some basic details.

What I’d like to see / have is something that doesn’t use an svg for the elements / layout. Ideally it’s just using the yaml just like how it’s done with mainui now. So have components (or perhaps widgets) called like lcars-button-left, lcars-top-right-corner, etc. I don’t have a concrete exact naming / ideas about the structure yet.

This way, creating a new interface or modifying won’t require us to ever touch / edit / change / deal with an svg file. It would make adding a button much easier.

There are some cool non-openhab implementations out there, for example:
GitHub - louh/lcars: A responsive layout for Star Trek's LCARS user interface made completely in HTML/CSS/JavaScript. - this is the coolest one - try running the demo!

Another one is based on javascript:

Another one, using R, but great user interface: