[OH3] MainUI: Linebreak in widgets footer

Hi everybody,

i do have a cell widget for my internet connection and I want to display the up/downstream in the footer.
Currently it looks like this:

Is it somehow possible to add a linebreak into the footer so that up and downstream are separated?
I’ve tried
and \n without success

Here’s my code:

value: " "
  icon: oh:status
  label: =items.WANConnectionDeviceFRITZBox7490_ConnectionStatus.state
  color: blue
  footer: ="Downstream:" + " " +
    items.WANDeviceFRITZBox7490_MaxDownstreamRate.displayState + " / " +
    "Upstream:" + " " + items.WANDeviceFRITZBox7490_MaxUpstreamRate.displayState

I’m not sure how the footer is displayed but you could try an HTML breakline (’<br />’) instead of the ‘\n’.

I’ve already tried but didn’t notice that the forum here will cut the HTML tags. In my original post it is here

But thanks so far - unfortunately it doesn’t work

I’m no expert, but I can’t see a way to do this with the footer property. This appears to only accept a text string. You can do it with a custom widget:

component: f7-card
  title: '=(props.item) ? "State of " + props.item : "Set props to test!"'
  content: Some content
    border-radius: var(--f7-card-expandable-border-radius)
    box-shadow: var(--f7-card-expandable-box-shadow)
    - component: f7-block
          margin: 0px
          padding: 0px
          - component: Label
              text: Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam!
          - component: Label
              text: Spa-a-a-a-a-a-a-am

With this you have access to the card slots, so you can specify more complex component based html.

So this is a potential workaround, if this does turn out not to be possible using the footer (card footer content) property.

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Thanks a lot for the example. I think I might going for it if there’s not other chance.
In one of my other posts, I believe Yannick mentioned that he’s planning to expose header and footer in the OH widgets in such a way that you can configure via the slots. That would ease up creating custom widgets an still keep the openHAB style on those widgets.