OH3 MainUI Widget - Only Allowed to Navigate to Pages Show on Sidebar


I am on OH3.2. I am wondering whether the following code on Widget only works if the next navigated page appears on Side Bar? If so, is this intended or it is a bug? Thank you

  • component: oh-button
    action: navigate
    actionPage: =props.targetPage
    background: transparent
    height: 45px
    left: 0px
    position: absolute
    top: 0px
    width: 350px

I don’t recall ever seeing this behavior, but it has been a long time since I’ve been on 3.2. it is certainly not the case anymore; the navigate action should be completely independent of the sidebar visibility status.

Ok… so it means it shouldnt happen but it happens. So more like a bug than a feature.

Indeed and a bug that appears to have already been fixed.

Honestly, without knowing what the content of your props.targetPage is, it is impossible to say whether it is an old bug in 3.2 or whether you are just not formatting the value of the actionPage property properly.

actionPage is selected from a drop-down list on widget configuration in page design. It is unlikely formatting or typo error. Anyway, will try a later release and see how.