OH3 MAP transformation is behaving different for different Items

I did that :slight_smile: just wanted to share how to fix this.

Hi, I also got the same issue. Unfortunatelly it doesn’t work in my case. Meaning, only options have any effect on state label. But in my case it’s connected with Automower (lawn mower) binding, that provides already state as options: openhab-addons/thing-types.xml at main · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

Can you explain a bit more what you’re trying to do? Guessing you would like to use a MAP, say to translate, but UI ignores that and uses options that you can’t get rid of because the channel/binding supplies them?

I have to say there is something badly thought out here. I’ve often wondered what happens if you had an Item linked to two channels with conflicting options. Wouldn’t matter, if you could manually override.

That seems to be the root of the issue to me.
In sitemap UIs, user-defined state presentation had precedence over system supplied options.
MainUI takes the opposite stance - “openHAB knows best”?

Hi guys, @tnemrap, I also ran into this issue today. Just want to confirm whether you already reported this as a bug on github. Couldn’t find an entry there.

I opened an issue on github for this “inconvenience”:


I too am trying to convert ‘Closed’ to CLOSED, on a Zwave Contact item. I put under Transform, my door.map which has the correct transformations but this does not change the item state formatting.

Is this a bug? How can I achieve this because the documentation makes no reference to doing state transformations unless you use Items files which I do not


It should be fixed in the milestones I think. You need to add a State Description metadata to the Item and put your mapping there. That should override the state description provided by the binding.

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Thanks Rich! Thats fixed it ! State Description metadata did the trick!