OH3 MAPDB Replacement for restore on startup

I’m looking for a path to retain my MAPDB item states as I move to OH3. I can’t find MAPDB in the OH3 addons so I’m guessing it’s no longer supported. What’s the suggested replacement and is there a way of keeping the values by loading a version of it into OH2.5 and saving the states into it?

Mapdb is still available in OH3.
OH3 also now has rrd4j persistence per default (but that won’t work for non-numeric items).

I was thinking the same, when I checked Add-ons | openHAB a few days ago.


mapdb is not listed there.

I brought that up at one point but I guess it never happened. Somehow and somewhere along the way the docs for MapDB got lost. If someone could file an issue hopefully we won’t forget to look into it this time.

I just wanted to make sure I did not overlook something.

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Perfect, thanks very much