OH3 - Maximum Numbers of items?


i’m trying to migrate my OH2.5 to OH3.
Is there a max. Number of items in all items files?

I’ve got problems with more than 870 items, with next item-file i’ll get an endless loading Loop without success.

Does anybody know, is there a limitation?


Pleas give us more information about your system. Hardware, OS, Java version, logfile…
There is no limit for number of items etc, all depends on your server…

I have 2100+ Items on a RPi-4 8gb (yes I know the 8gb is overkill).

I have run into issues with my persistence db. I had both mqSQL and influxDB recording every change for every item this was lagging my system. Now I created a group for things I actually want persistence on. This helped the most for my performance. Especially items like current position or time left on echo devices that update every second. “Alexa play who let the dogs out everywhere” would cause 2 items on 18 echos to update every second. 36 updates on 2 db’s every second.

OK, thanks, everything is working now :slight_smile:
No Limit of items


The only thing I can now see in this post : 18 Echos??? :slight_smile:

Big fan of refurb dots in each room. :stuck_out_tongue: