OH3: Migrate Things and Items from text files to Admin GUI without loosing persistence data


I have a few things and items (central heating, power consumption, ventilation etc) which have more than a year of history in influxDB. While the migration to OH3 has worked quite well, I now would like to move away from the text file configuration to the graphical UI. How could I do that without loosing any historic data?


Persistence only cares about Item names and types, which you would need to duplicate.

how do I start best, migrate the thing or the items first? And what happens if a thing or an item is removed from the config file, will it also remove the old persistence entries or do they stay “forever”?


As stated before, persitence doesn’t care about things. So whenever you (re-)create the items you need to use the same names.
Removing an item does NOT delete any persitence data, that requires manual user actions.

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ok, seems to be a bit difficult: I tried to delete a thing (Nibe heatpump binding) by removing the config file from the things folder. Restarting openhab, cleaning the cache (with openhab-cli) all didn’t work. The thing is still there and shown with a little grey lock. Removing it in the GUI also doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

Answer to self: The folder for the config files has changed. My SMB shares were still pointing to the old one… Now its working :slight_smile: