OH3 Migration of Alexa Endpoints / Understanding?

in 2.5 endpoint groups where described here
Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill | openHAB
but - i can’t find the setting in Model for the “Equipment”-Group - so - where can i find information on how this is intended to work -
simple Example

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Alexa requirements for Items and Groups are completely independent of and unrelated to the semantic model. So do it like you always did and how the docs say. Create a Group. Add your Items to the Group. Configure the Alexa metadata on that Group and it’s Items as described in the docs.

The semantic tags and semantic model doesn’t come into this.


hmm - not quite working: the “Endpoint” - as a class is just not available - even it is not an “Equipment”-Group - rather than an ordinary Group;
So the question on how to create such an endpoint remains:

I don’t use Alexa so have no idea. If there is something missing from the list file an issue on the openhab-webui repo as that might be a bug. In the mean time you can add alexa metadata using the “add custom metadata” option and set the value to what you need it to be.

For the example you are showing you could set the Alexa Class on ‘Buro’ to ‘Lighting’ and it should be able to figure out the channels. If it doesn’t, then you can set the individual Items with the right capability (ie. Farbtemperatur Buro would be ColorTemperatureController.colorTemperatureInKelvin).

You can also edit the code when adding an Alexa class so that it specifies a class:

value: Endpoint.Speaker
config: {}

Ok; What did work - was to set Semantic-Group Büro to “Equipment” - i had it set to “lightbulb” - and the Alexa-Class to “Lightning” - then it did work; But why and how the Semantic-Class is connected to the Lightning-Tag isn’t clear for me.
I’m really missing some more explanations.

But - the Semantic-Group is equivalent to the Point-Group; So i need to mension to @rlkoshak : the statement - that the semantics isn’t connected to the “Items” - the model seems to create regular old-school 2.5 groups… which can be used analog as such.

That seems a bit strange to me as I have several items set as ‘Lightbulb’ with a Alexa class of ‘Lighting’ and they are all working. I would, however, add that for some of the bulbs I have set the capabilities on the point items (in particular setting the ‘ColorTemperatureController.colorTemperatureInKelvin’ which allows Alexa).

IMHO, the semantic classes should not make a difference since Alex is configured through the meta data.

As Sunny said, there should not be any connection between the two. This is doubly true since the model uses tags and Alexa uses Item metadata. It should not be possible for the two to interact.