OH3: Missing model tabs and chatbox for normal user of MainUI


how can I enable the visibility of the model cards (and chatbox) in Main UI for normal (non-admin) users? I’ve set the option “Display model cards to” to Users, so in my opinion they should be visible, but they aren’t:

After login as admin user everything is fine:

When configured like that you still have to create accounts for the non-admin users. To get the tabs and chat box for everyone - including anonymous guests - you should clear everything from these properties.

To create users: you can only do this with the Karaf console at the moment, with the openhab:users add <userid> <password> <role> where role can be administrator or user. Then they would need to use the not-very-aptly-named “Unlock Administration” icon, like admins, to log in. They will not see the administration screens but will still be identified as a user.

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Ah ok, because I could not find any option to create new users I thought “User” in the contect of “Display model cards to” means just the non-admin User which you are refering as “guest”. I didn’t know that there exist already a real user datebase behind which is just lacking of frontend support. Removing both check marks is working. Now guests are also able to use the model tabs. Thanks!