OH3 Model and Things go "offline" after a while, when I configure the system

I have a fully working OH2.4 with MQTT v1.0 bridge on my Raspi. All works stable.
=> Now I started to migrate and did setup a new OH3 stable on my synology.

Migration goes on well (while I still miss the MQTT 1.0 bridge) but my big issue is, after I create/delete/move Things/Items on the new OH3, the

    Menu becomes unresponsive after playing around with MQTT things (adding / deleting).
    => with unsresponsive I mean that is shows: “LOADING” on those 2 menu

Fancily the configured things I can still operate over the pages. But I have to reboot OH3.
=> the only relevant log entry I see is…

2023-07-13 15:14:05.023 [WARN ] [.io.rest.auth.internal.TokenResource] - Couldn’t find a user with a session matching the provided refresh_token
2023-07-13 15:14:05.024 [WARN ] [.io.rest.auth.internal.TokenResource] - Token issuing failed: invalid_grant

Anyone seen something similar?

This topic shows it as closed… but it is clearly not… it happened to me now 10x and while a reboot solves the issue it can not be that this is the solution?

By bridge do you mean the event bus? If so see the following for OH 3:

Or just MQTT Event Bus [;] for OH 4.

There are lots of ways you could be doing this and the steps you take may be relevant. Please describe step by step what you’ve done up to the problem manifesting.

At a minimum it can help us reproduce the problem.

Thanks for your answer…

Regarding MQTT

  • I meanwhile started to transfer my MQTT devices one by one after I red how other did it. It is a bit slow but at least it needs to be done only once. So not a real issue, just a statement that I miss this one central ITEM/THINGS file where I can add easily new MQTT statements centrally

Regarding the “loading” issue

  • I can not reproduce it yet 100% but as I am adding MQTT things I do usally do 10-20x the following…
  1. create "Generic MQTT thing
  2. create the channels for it
  3. add the thing to the model
  4. I often dislike what I did or want to add a new channel or delete a channel
  5. then I often delete the full MQTT Thing, it’s item and channel
    => After I do that a couple of time the MODEL and THINGS page hang and show “loading”
  6. Add it to the Model

The remediation is a simple reboot of OH3. So it can not be a configuration error as I use standard CREATE / DELETE options and after the reboot everything works.

My first I thougth was, that it is related to my other OH2.4 but it happes regardless if my Raspi runs or not.
=> I saw many other reporting the same issue and they had no solution to it. It probably stopped to be an issue for them when they finished installing many devices.
=> My suspicion is that it is related to DELETE/CREATE Things multiple times. But I have no clue how to reproduce it (yet).

Anything in the logs?

I did check the logs but in openhab.log there was really nothing that showed that something broke.
=> btw OH3 seems to work as I can turn on/off lights… it is just that THINGS/Model page do not load

Does it kill just that one browser? If you load it on a different machine or a different web browser do the pages work or does it break those pages everywhere?

Oh good point… I checked that last time and it was broken on all browsers. But I admitt I did not check it today. I will of course check it next time it happens. Last time I also checked if it would work on firefox (as I use chrome, but outcome was all the same)

Is there any special log I can check? My OH3 know-how is not very advanced… I just check the openhab.log currently

For the other user(s) it is closed … so it seems to be different issues then that seems to have the same symptom.

Another place to look is errors in the browser. Open the developer tools and look for errors in the logs from MainUI.

Ok thanks, I will do that and I will try to reproduce it. I know it is anyhow just a matter of time till it happens again.

It usually happens after 30min - 60min adding things.

It happened today again…

  • openhab log showed… (while mqtt-server was online and network connection did work)

2023-07-15 19:34:39.484 [INFO ] [ab.event.ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - Thing ‘mqtt:broker:def72de12d’ changed from INITIALIZING to OFFLINE

  • there was no message in browser dev tools
  • same behavior from another computer with another browser

… but as the work-around to restart openhab works and it only happens when I delete /create tons of things I can live with it.

=> as I progress there is less to delete and once things are created, it runs stable. Maybe this thread helps someone else having the same issues.

Many thanks anyhow to the support here. :slight_smile:

I was not able to quickly see in the thread if your configuration is file-based? In this case this could be the reason:

huuu, if only I knew how to check that in OH3?
=> I will try to figure out if my OH3 setup is file based… and read the link

Many thanks

Oh yes… this might be it… devs seems to work on it :slight_smile:
=> it happend always when I updated channels, like they describe. this also explains why a reboot works for me

What I meant with your configuration being file-based is if you are editing a .things file or configuring the things in the UI? The reload bug with .things files is fixed in 4.0. In prior versions, as a work-around you can rename the file twice, e.g. mqtt.thingsmqtt.things_mqtt.things. This will force a full reload, and you won’t have to restart openHAB.

Thank you!