OH3 Model questions

I upgraded to OH3. With that I said goodbye to paper ui.

I have been clicking and clicking and clicking. So far I have added three sensors to my model. I have used the ‘create equipment from thing’ or the ‘create point’. But when I do most of the pre configured values all have to be adjusted and it somehow creates group for the items in the model?

I am so confused, I used to have a interface where I could check the device status. I did not have to make a sitemap or any other time consuming work. Now I am probably doing something wrong but this is far from convenient.

I also had trouble figuring out the Modeling side of OH3, it wasn’t until they did a presentation earlier this month and a walk through was done; and while it does seem like a hassle to go through this extra work it does pay off.

Skipped to the modeling presentation which was after adding 1 MQTT Thing into the OH demo system.

Hey thanks for this. whenever I search google mst stuff I find is still for openhab2.

I messed around with it some more now and I understand the way this is setup. After testing it for a couple of days I do not think openhab is for me anymore.

I wil revert back to openhab 2.5 and use that for as long as it is possible. It gives me everything I need and I do not like the new interface. Paper UI had its quircks but for me it had everything I need. Now keep fingers crossed that openhab 2.5 stays working for a while.

It is worth noting that you can run OH 3 in a legacy type setup and just continue to do things like you did within OH 2; not something I can easily test.

What is the issue or issues with OH3 not working for you?

The issue is knowledge and time. I have to dive into OH3 a bit more before I can migrate everything. I run OH in a container so I can easily switch back and forth.

so for now I will just use OH 2.5 and when my knowledge is up to speed I make the switch.