OH3 modification to get Weather working

I used this tutorial :


to get working one call api for weather forecast.
Problem is that after 20hours I still have error :

I found that there is a error with API version:


there is also link to github:


but I don’t know how to implement a solution to get working

according to your github link the PR was merged ten days ago to 3.4 milestone.
So you would have to install OH 3.4 milestone release resp. a 3.4 snapshot in case the latest milestone does not include it already.

You don’t have to put hyperlinks in code fences. That prevents them from rendering as links, so we can’t click them. :wink:

Ok, How I can do it ? :woozy_face:

For that answer it is necessary to know how you installed OH.
Is it running in docker or is it installed e.g. via apt or via zip file etc.

This way :

The first row in your screenshot ( would have been better if you would have used e.g. code tag to paste the original text; the image cannot be scrolled so I can’t see the real content of the first row ) at the end can contain: stable, testing, unstable.
stable at this moment is ‘linked’ to 3.3.0-1
testing is linked to 3.4.0~M2-1created on 11.09.2022
snapshot is linked to 3.4.0-Sxxxx-1 daily snapshots.

So if you change stable against testing/snapshot.
Do apt update followed by apt upgrade then you will get newer versions of openhab and bindings that are included in the add-ons package.

Keep in mind that testing as well ( especially ) unstable is not intended for production environment due to it may still contain issues to be resolved.


echo 'deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/openhab.gpg] https://openhab.jfrog.io/artifactory/openhab-linuxpkg stable main' | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openhab.list

Do I have any chance implement only what I need to get working weather forecast ? or I must delete forecast from main screen :frowning:

what do you mean ? You do not want to go that way as you think it is too risky ?
You just want to try to update that one binding ?
In that case I would expect that a snapshot of that binding can be found at https://openhab.jfrog.io/ui/native/libs-pullrequest-local/org/openhab/addons/bundles/org.openhab.binding.openweathermap/3.4.0-SNAPSHOT/ .
Using that snapshot together with OH 3.3 may end in unresolved dependencies for the weather binding.

I mean, if isn’t sure, that next milestone is ok or other issue can happen, I want stay with version which mainly work for me and only do a change on the part which is problematic for me - But not only for me, this problem must have all users. But I’m not sure how complicated is solve only this one error.