OH3 - MQTT-Eventbus implementation using file based config

OS: Debian 10.0 with java 11.0
openHAB version:3.02

I’m using the file-based implementation of OH3.
Following my migration to OH3 I need to implement the older MQTT-Eventbus. I need that every ITEM that is updated to be automatically published in MQTT. I’m not finding any information to implement this, in the older OH2 the configuration was made in the mqtt-eventbus.cfg. Can someone help?
PS:I have already MQTT binging working, receiving and publishing messages on demand.

searching for “OH3 mqtt eventbus” reveals a lot of possible solutions for this (example with 2.5, but you can easily take this to OH3):

put all your MQTT-items in a group, make a rule for changes/commands within that group and publish the item.