OH3 MQTT issue

I have just managed to get OH3 to update from 2.5 and has taken me a few days after running in to problems.

Just as i thought i was done i have found that none of my items would work having search i think i have found out why, am working with MQTT v1 and this wont work with OH3?

This it how i have currently got my items set up

Switch  F4_Garden         "Garden"            <light>         (GF_Garden,  gAway, gAlarm, gAway2)    {mqtt=">[mqttoh2:cmnd/sonoff7/POWER:command:*:default],
            <[mqttoh2:stat/sonoff7/POWER:state:default]" }

Understand is not the best way to have items setup but it was the way i learnt a few years ago and its worked so i continued

My question is is my problem likely to be as above and if so is the easy fit without having to start from scratch i have about 30 items and really do not want to have to have to set them all back up?

For the time i just want to get the BasicUI working touse in the app, until i can spend time understand the new OH3 setup, working on a raspberry pi with openhabian

thanks for any help

One of the breaking changes when moving to OH3 is that NO version 1 binding is supported. In case of MQTT a version 2 binding is out there for 2 years now.
This “new” MQTT binding works with things and channels, so you have to adjust your item definitions.

i thanks for this, so no easy fit for my setup, could you give me an example of what i would need to do to adjust my item definitions? please so i have something to work towards

and would this be changing the code i have set up on each item or starting all over again?

It seems you are using tasmota devices, in addition to the mature documentation of the MQTT binding there are numerous tutorial posts fitting your problem. Use the search function.

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How to convert from v1 to v2, hidden in the documentation:

Thank you for this its a great starting point

One other question I have used map files to change the values on some items would this is work can’t see anything in the link?

Yes, that should still work.

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