OH3 MQTT switch output format

Hi, Have used OpenHAB2 successfully for 5 years mostly MQTT version 1 binding. Trying to get my head round things,channels etc. with OH3 but for me it’s not been easy!!
Have at last got basic MQTT send and receive working but for a switch it sends ON and OFF and I want to send 0 and 1.
The “Custom On/Open Value” is set to 1 as per the default.
Could someone please point me in the correct direction to do this.

You may want to remove the 1, save, then re-add the 1 and save again. Check in the Code tab of the Thing to check if the custom on/off settings are saved in the YAML.

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Thank you very much, deleting the 0 and 1 and then re-entering as 0 and 1 seems to have worked. :roll_eyes: