OH3 Multiple Echo Dots 4th Gen Simultaneous Speech

Ok, so I can send text to individual Echo Dots with:
EchoDotLounge_Speak.sendCommand(‘Testing Alerts’)
However, sending to multiple devices (I have five) will be a problem due to AWS limits.
Is there a way of sending to one that will broadcast to all Echo Dots?
I know there’s something similar for Echo Show using Announcement, but that is just displaying text on the device.
I’ve spent a fair bit trawling through some very, very long threads where some people say they can just send to groups as well (I created a group and adding three EchoDot_Speak items into it, but the following doesn’t work:
AllEchoDots_Speak.sendCommand(‘Testing Alerts’)
Can anyone help or point me to a post I might have missed?

My OH3:
openHAB 3.1.0
Build #2141
Amazon Echo Control Binding: 3.1.0.SNAPSHOT


Ok, so basic error on my part :frowning:
I’ve been doing a lot of Powershell and AWS Lambda scripting recently, so accidentally used “#” as a comment in my OpenHab rule by mistake.
Corrected that issue and the group worked perfectly.


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