OH3 new GUI sitemap removal does not work


I installed today OH3. Everything works fine so far.
I somehow messed up the address of a sitemap and can not remove it anymore.(see picture “Teast”)

Is there a chance to remove it outside the new GUI?

Thanks a lot for your help.


Stop openhab, and look in your user data folder, in jsondb/uicomponents_system_sitemap.json. Make your corrections there and restart. I think it fails to delete because you have weird characters in the UID (http://?) that you shouldn’t have been able to put in the first place.

Thank you Yannick,

found it and corrected the failure.
I also not understand how this happened. I was mouseover the greyed out ID field and remember to have pushed Strg+V accidently, so that the http: string was copied in…


Can I add a question?
I needed to restart my Raspberry today.
And all has jumped back to an early stage of my setup. :disappointed_relieved:
Sitemaps gone, items gone.
What went wrong?
Is there a chance to get my final setup back?

Thank you

Hi @Sebastian_Scheeler

are your settings still visible in the jsonDB ( jsondb/org.openhab.core.thing.Thing.json )? And please also check the backup folder jsondb/backup/org.openhab.core.thing.Thing.json

My first assumption was, that your updated *.json gets overwritten by an old backup. Let’s hope I’m wrong or at least that there is still a backup available in the folder.


I was able to copy backup files.
I stopped the OpenHab.service before.

Now everything is fine again. I made a manual backup of json Folder. Just to be sure.

Thank you for your help

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