OH3 - No Audio

I’ve created a new instance of OH3 for testing, to replace my OH2; but for some reason the audio sinks are not working; neither the web, or system sink work.

The OH console confirms the default sink is ‘Web Audio (webaudio)’ and that there is also a ‘System Speaker (enhancedjavasound)’ as an option.

However, running ‘openhab:audio play doorbell.mp3’ in the console has no effect locally or on the server, but the file is present.

The events.log confirms the action is playing the file …

" [openhab.event.PlayURLEvent ] - Play URL ‘/audio/77959fb6-bafb-4e61-a47d-4165786e8f73’."

However i can’t hear anything, or see any errors in the log files?

Is there a way to test/debug the audio sinks in Oh?

many thanks

From which device do you expect to get the sound played?
Note that while webaudio is selected the sound will be played on devices which are showing HABPANEL. only…
Read Here, ( the mentioned additional UI is wrong IMHO, since it used to be PaperUI ( not part of OH3) and MainUI audio support is not working yet) )

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Ahh, thank you. I didn’t realise webaudio would only work for devices showing habpanel - i assumed it would work in the main UI. I was previously used paperUI.

I hadn’t understood system sink either - now setup a sonos speaker as an audio sink which is working well.

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