OH3: not recording/catching Insteon Montion 2 (2844-222) extended data

I’m curious about this group 0xfe that both of you have in your databases. Is this some special group? For example several battery powered Insteon devices have a flag you can set for “link to all groups” and in the documentation it sometimes refers to this as group 0xff. I think that is supposed to make the device behave like it is linked to all the available groups it has. Is 0xfe a special group - something like 0xff?

From the HDS notes:

Nothing special, it’s just what the tool (qwha) I use to link my devices uses,

Hi Rob,

Doesn’t matter what the modem is set to, grp1 or grp 254 same results. Once I find some software that will let me manage the MS2 DB I’m going to continue testing. First being to swing the MS2 responder group to 254 as you have suggested. I see you mentioned some software called qwha, will look at that today or tomorrow.


I’ve had it for years, and is no longer supported. I also don’t think you can even find it anywhere.

I’ve been meaning to circle back and close out this thread for a bit…time goes quick ;p

Basically, everything is in the same state. None of the current apps I could find will let me update the MS2 db (or the dimmers, switches and outlets as it turns out), and yeasterday the PLM and openHab are no longer communicating properly (the insteonTerminal will let me modify the plm db though which is strange). The modem/openhab does seem to stop talking every two weeks and requires the modem and openHab to be rebooted (the usb uart drops).

I think I have had a dodgy modem from the start by the looks of it. I’m going to see if I can get this one replace or purchase a new one to see if the problem persists.

Thanks to both of you for the help in getting the MS2 going.


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