OH3 - Nuki Binding is missing


I’m using OH2.5 and everything is working great. Now i was on the way to setup OH3 on new machine.

It seems like there is no Binding for Nuki, or I’m doing wrong?


Hi Sebastian,

there is a Nuki binding:
I’m using it and it is working as before in OH2.5.

Where are you looking?


Hi Bob,

thank you for the fast replay. You are right… i installed it, and was to fast looking for it, and now i recognized, that the “List” not showing installed Addons.

Have you managed to install the Nuki with all functionalities?

Hi Patrick,
not sure what you mean with “all functionalities” but I have it up and running and no problems so far.

I mean with lock, unlock, unlatch, Google Home connection and the respective settings etc.
I read a couple of times that’s important to have callbacks setup in order to save battery etc.

Does this makes sense?


Hi Patrick,

lock, unlock, unlatch etc. work. Google home connection I can’t tell. You can let the binding manage callbacks, that works for me.
What you don’t get is battery percentage (only low battery switch) - I think the Nuki guys said it would draw too much power to poll it…

I have to say I’m using the Nuki Hardware bridge, the android bridge seems to be a little less reliable as I read in the forum…

Thanks for the info. I also use the bridge.
Would you mind to share the integration code?