OH3 On change timestamp link

I noticed that when linking channels to items the profiles are in the UI to select

I am trying to create an item that records when a channel changed

The link does not appear to function an the item does not get updated.

When I try to edit the link the profile for change is not in the list and no profile is indicated.

Is this expected functionality?

Got the same problem

Thanks I will assume it is a bug and go and try to work out how\where to report.

I think I will assume a UI issue unless you can think of a way to dig deeper? I can’t see where the issue is looking in the logs.


I now have this working. Rather embarrassingly made a false report but dev set me on the correct path.

When creating the point make sure it is set to type datetime before saving and linking.

Set to measurement timestamp.

Then select link and select the change profile.

I know I had tested as datetime but I think I initially had it saved and linked as another type. I am going to spend some time trying to work out exactly what I did wrong.

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