OH3 - One of the non-semantic group doesn't show member in a model

I have a strange issue with model tree where one of the non-semantic group doesn’t show it’s members, when at the same time other one show them as below

The one that is correct, is the Group:Number:Temperature:AVG with all the temperature sensors as you can see below

The one that doesn’t show member in the model looks like below. It is a Group:Number:Power:SUM item

Any idea what might go wrong ?

I think I found some issue with UI. Basically, the model tree stops showing child items if I add StateDescription metadata. I think it qualifies to the github issue.

Just for the records. I raised issue: Model tree stops showing childs of non-semantic group item if StateDescription metadata is added · Issue #925 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub where you can find all the details if you interested. In general issue is happening for any non-semantic Group item when added any Metadata.

Same issue here. Bug is very annoying.