OH3 , ONVIF ip came live streaming

Hi Community. I bought an ONVIF IP Camera V380 pro. On OH3 I created thing and channels (Start HLS stream, MJPEG URL , Image URL , HLS URL). All ok and online.I just need guidance for the steps in order to see either live streaming or snapshots. On OH3 I created objects in model and pages. I added a cell as switch to start/stop HLS streaming. In OH2.5 HABPanel I had created a widget frame which I configured and managed to see snapshots because I could not succeed with live streaming. Which objects do I need to create and which steps to follow in OH3 ? I cannot find an appropriate cell to add and configure as frame widget in order to see live streaming or even snapshot. Thanks in advance.



i have the same problem. I tried to bind three V380 Cams they are all online.
But i don’t know how i can show the stream or images.
Did you have success to make it working?

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Have a look at this post: OH3 Widget: Move and see your PTZ camera feed on a page

thanks Jostein,

i tried the steps which you mentioned and I could add model with these options for each camera and added the ClickablePTZCamera Widget, but i couldn’t still see any stream and image. do you have any sugegstions? I have a question about the following ports: ONVIF, HTTP and server Port. How can i choose theme? and how Should I define under router?

thanks for your help

I use Clickable camera. And see how i have set it up on the images below.

thanks for your reply,

under VLC i kann see my cameras using the address rstp://ip:554/live/ch00_1 or ch00_0 and when I use Onvif device manager i can use PTZ but i can’t see anyone.
My questions:

  1. what about ports? how can i choose the ports? or they should be already defined and i have to find them?
  2. What about router? Shall i enable them or it is not necessary?
    I am using V380 720p Wifi cam

what i am messing?

If you have working MJPEG URL, ImageURL and HLS URL these can be used in cards/widgets. I have tested the MJPEG URL (and Image URL) in the Expandable Camera Widget as well as the standard image card (use the image card, not the video card). One way to use the widgets is to configure a page for the cameras (for example a layout page)

The docs for the IP Camera binding is very good but I needed quite a bit of studying before I understood the basic options. Also one of my cameras did not send any mjpeg stream so it had to be created using ffmpeg as described by the docs.


I am felling lost, with all these specifications. I tried everything but without success.

I gave some port free for each camera (
Cam1: Port for HTTP: 823, Port for onvif: 423, Port for HTTPS 8023
Cam1: Port for HTTP: 825, Port for onvif: 425, Port for HTTPS 8025
Cam1: Port for HTTP: 826, Port for onvif: 426, Port for HTTPS 8026

All these ports are enabled under router (FritzBox).

here a picture for my setting maybe you can find what i made wrong!
Thanks for your help

I do not know FritzBox or your cameras so there is no meaning spending time on your details but from a quick look it seems like you are mixing up data for the cameras and for the binding.

For example the http port is set to 823 but this has nothing to do with the http setting of the camera, please see the" serverPort" item described in the docs at IP Camera - Bindings | openHAB This is a port you define for the communication from the binding.

Also, the ONVIF port is set to 80 but ONVIF of the cameras is 823, 824 or 825 according your text.

The MJPEG URL may not be OK. Do your camera give a mjpeg stream or do you need to create this using ffmjpeg (also described in the docs)?

Sorry but I cannot help with the details but as already said, I do not know your stuff. Best advise I can give is to carefully go through the docs, they are quite good.

thanks Mats

I saw a typo in my text, http port was set to 8023, not 823. But as said, this has nothing to do with http settings of the camera. This is a value you choose for the output streams.
Example: if you choose 6789 for one camera the binding will generate (among other things) the MJPEG URL of http://192.168.XXX.YYY:6789/ipcamera.mjpeg, ImageURL of http://192.168.XXX.YYY:6789/ipcamer.jpg and HLS URL http://192.168.XXX.YYY:6789/ipcamera.m3u8 where 192.168.XXX.YYY is IP of your Openhab server. These are the output streams you use for widgets etc. The output port should thus be choosen to a different value for each camera.

I can guess that if your cameras IP, login info, the ONVIF port and setting of the above port is correct and the MJPEG URL is left blank then the binding should start.

Great Mats,

when i try to see all links on browser, i can only see the jpg images. The rest doesnt work, i mean HLS and MJPEG.

any other suggestion? Thanks

At the very start of the ipcamera documentation is what to do if your having issues, start with the advice it gives there.

thanks matt, i will show your doc.


i tried this from doc if you meat it : IP Camera - Bindings | openHAB, but without success, sorry

Logs are useful

this is from Log file

2021-02-21 22:10:57.120 [INFO ] [pcamera.internal.StreamServerHandler] - IpCameras file server could not find the requested file. This may happen if ffmpeg is still creating the file.

You need to read the link I gave you again, hint TRACE logs. If you don’t attempt to help yourself by reading the documentation I wont bother helping. Sorry to be blunt but the docs do stated very clearly ‘what to do when you have issues’ if something does not make sense then ask so the docs can be improved based on your feedback.

Matt thanks for your help.
Same like Omari, I bought Xiaovv Q1 H.265 Dome Pan Tilt V380 pro. It Does not create MPEG stream, , Does not have API., does not create HTTP streaming.but creates RTSP.
Created thing ONVIFIPCamera which is online. I. set ONVIF port to 80 , serverport 54321 RTSP 554. re other settings I am not sure if I am correct.
My model contains ONVIFCamera1 equipment , with following points / channels : HLS URL, Image, Image URL, MJPEG URL, Pan, Poll Image, RTSP URL, Start HLS Stream.
I went to pages and added from model all above channels and created automatically widgets.
Question : Auto created widgets from model are fine ?. Which ones do I need to use in order to see either snapshots or RTSP or MJPEG . Are they OK or I need to create different widgets ? Most importantly I am confused with selection of proper ACTION , ACTION item when I click it E.g. when item is RTSP URL which action , action item do I need to select ?
I am sticking to RTSP because I have installed ONVIF device manager and NodeRed and in both the Cam works fine allowing perfect RTSP streaming…I have enabled Logging as suggested.
Thanks in advance. Dimitri.

Search forum for oh3 camera widget.