OH3 + Openhabian: How to setup/use iOS app?

I want to use either BasicUI, or HABPanel in the OpenHAB iOS App, but I have not yet achived to get the app to recognize my installation despite using the correct url (http://openhabiandevice:8080) and credentials (the admin login/password that works fine in the Firefox browser). What could be the problem here? The tells me “ERROR. The request timed out”.

Its not possible - the app is the app.
HABpanel and basic UI are browser webinterfaces.
I don‘t know if the iOS app is ready for OH3 yet

You can use your sitemaps in OH3 with the openhab App for iOS.

I use instead of http://openhabiandevice:8080/ the IP address of my Openhab Device - http://192.168.xxx.xxx:8080 and it works. But its not “the Basic Ui”

Also i did not select “Always send credentials” and have not entered any Username and PW. Still it works.

There is no App for Habpanel on iOS as far as i know, besides a webbrowser…


Thank you for the hint, but this does not work in my case. Is there anyone successfully using the iOS app, or is everyone just using the browser?

Hi Stefan,

I am using wireguard & browser, working quite well across different devices & users.
I like the notifications for various rules so still have the app & myopenhab.


Working fine.
Do you have a sitemap? Maybe some youtube videos might help you to create one.

What worked for me was changing the local URL in the iOS app settings to http://192.168.xxx.xxx:8080/basicui