[OH3] OpenHABian Installation, persistence


I have a quick question.

I started to upgrade my System from 2.5 to OH3.0 and decisded to start from a clean Openhabian.

After setting up the system and checking the documentation, the new OpenHAB Web GUI already asks for persistance settings regarding primary persitance.

  1. Does this mean a Influx database is automatically created and active? If yes where do I find the password and user definitions.
  2. Do I have to make the same settings as in OH2.5 in the .persist config files or is there any preset out of the box active (in my case a Influx.persist and a rrd4j.persist)

1). No, if you want to use InfluxDb you would need to set that up and create the relevant config file

2). OH3 uses rrd4f for persistence out of the box. There is a default config that is loaded which handles every item on everyChange, everyMinute and restoreOnStartUp. You can create a new config to override these defaults.